The year is 2014 and London is still considered one of the grandest cities in the world. It is a conglomerate of different peoples - the rich, the poor, the young, the old, the average, and the exceptional. A young man by the name of William Sanders, an up-and-coming writer and literature buff, moves into a lavish apartment building called the Globe Apartments. Everyone from the distinguished to the eclectic fill the corridors, and Will can’t help but feel like there’s something oddly familiar about the building’s tenants. But what could be drawing Will to these histrionic residents? If all the world is really a stage, could it be that they're much, much more than just players?

Anonymous asked: Hey :) I thought about applying as beatrice messina but I wanted to ask first if I could change her fc to penelope mitchell :) hope you have a nice day and just wanted to say AMAZING RP GROUP ;)

We’re always open to face claims! I have no problem with changing the face claim to Penelope Mitchell.

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The following character(s) will be on hiatus until Saturday, 23rd August:

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Phillip Watson ✣ 40 ✣ Prince Pericles, "Pericles, Prince of Tyre" ✣ Richard Armitage

Shakespeare’s Work:

Pericles was a good man and an almost classical good hero. He was prone to melancholy and contemplative. He endured many hardship and never once did bemoan his fate nor curse the gods that put him through it. With all the challenges he overcame, he was rewarded in the end of it all.

Modern Day:

Only child. Dead parents. Soldier… Former soldier. Diplomat. Traveler. All this was Phillip Watson. His childhood was all about his want to join the war and be a hero as the tales his mother told him at night. He became a soldier, well versed with the art of war. He was sent to the battlefield often and had seen death and survived it, seeing men and women he found as family perish in his eyes. He became quiet as time goes by, and it wasn’t until his best friend, Will Scott, died when he had the chance to save him. Last words of “Get out of this.” a mark that changed his being.

As soon as he survived and got home, he made his way to politics. He vowed that he would study the art of stopping wars instead of fighting them. Years passed and he became a diplomat, representing England to many events and countries. He arrived to The Globe as a result of a house hunt while he has no assignments and an advice of friend Herry Devon, that he try to socialize.


Herry Devon - Good Friend. Phillip and Herry go a long way back. During his days as a soldier, Herry is the one that managed Phillip’s meager belongings and was always there when sadness grips the Diplomat.

Theresa Simons - Friend. Another good friend and one time fling of Phillip’s. They’ve drifted away after some time and lost contact. Phillip had tried his best searching for her, wanting to know how she was and reconnect. So far the search has yielded no results.

Trevor Highland - Enemy. A hired gunman that was paid to kill Phillip during the war, because Phillip had uncovered a devious plot during his time as a soldier. The time though was long past and Phillip has no news about whether Trevor still wants him dead.

Personality Traits:

+ Humble, Loving, Curious

- Private, Stubborn, Depressed

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Vanessa Stephens ✣ 22 ✣ Nerissa, "The Merchant of Venice" ✣ Emma Watson

Shakespeare’s Work:

In Merchant of Venice, Nerissa is Portia’s Lady in Waiting. She is a confidant to the heiress, and a very close friend, who is very practical. While Portia complains about her fate, Nerissa tells her that her father was looking out for her and to be grateful that her father cared at all about Portia’s future. In the end, she married Graziano, the party-friend of Bassanio — although it is implied that their marriage was one of convenience, and possibly a dare, instead of actual love.

Modern Day:

Vanessa was raised in London, the daughter of a Scottish father and an French mother. Her mother was a concept artist, and worked for a fashion company run by Hayden Cato. Her father worked for Scotland Yard, although he took great interest in her education. Her interest in writing began young, as her father dabbled in the art and wrote poems. Her aptitude was obvious, and by age fifteen, she was writing poems and short stories, becoming known in her school.

During her childhood, she became friends with her mother’s employer’s daughter: Persephone. As it turned out, the two girls went to school together and after meeting the first time, they became fast friends. When time came for Uni, Vanessa convinced her mother to allow her to go to Kingston University in London, with ambition to become a published author.

She met Greg Zane in secondary, and started dating him in Uni, a friend of Persephone’s then fiancée, Sebastian. Recently, however, they split, and Vanessa decided to move in with her friend so as to focus on what might be a promising career as a journalist.


Persephone Cato - Friend. Seph and Nessa have always been thick as thieves, and talk to each other about everything. When Greg and Vanessa broke up, Persephone was quick to offer one of her spare bedrooms.

Sebastian Whittaker - Semi-friend. Vanessa likes him well enough, and finds him actually quite attractive… but it would be too awkward to make any moves in that direction.

Greg ZaneEx-boyfriend. A somewhat ne’er do well, Vanessa initially dated him on a bet, and they were together for the last few years. She should have known that which begins bad will always end the same.

Personality traits:

+ Kind, driven, intelligent, loyal;
- stubborn, proud, detached

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Courtney Lear ✣ 24 ✣ Courtney, "King Lear" ✣ Lenora Crichlow

Shakespeare’s Work: 

Cordelia is the youngest of King Lear’s three daughters. As Lear is dividing up his daughters’ inheritance in front of the court, he misinterprets that Cordelia doesn’t love him at all. The truth of it is that Cordelia couldn’t “heave her heart into her mouth” and overexaggerate her love like her sisters had done. This leads to Lear disowning her in a fit of rage, but Cordelia ends up marrying the King of France and is able to help her father when they reunite towards the end of the play.

Modern Day: 

Courtney has always been a bright and intuitive girl, ever since she was young. Her mother died very early in her life, and because of this she became very attached to her father. He would spend hours reading and talking to her, and as she grew older, she was there to care for him as his health started to decline. But when her father started talking about handing over the family business - a high-stakes brokerage firm - Courtney revealed that she actually had no interest in it and wanted to pursue other things. This news rocked her father and he ended up taking it far too personally. He refused to continue helping her pay for school, as well as kicking her out of the (luxurious and expensive) house. Luckily, Courtney was always smart about her money (yet another thing that differentiated her from her sisters) and had a decent sum tucked away in her bank account. She’s been able to keep the bills at bay for a while, but they’ve started to catch up with her. Since the fiasco, not a word has been exchanged between Courtney and her family. She feels that she could repair the damage she’s done if she just talked to her father, but she hasn’t found the courage to do so quite yet.


Charles LearFather. They used to be quite close, and she still loves him more than anything, but after all of the drama, she’s scared to know what he thinks of her.

Genevieve Albany & Regina CornwallSisters. Even though they always appeared kind to her, Courtney knew that they weren’t exactly role models and made a point to distance herself from them as she got older.

Michael KentFamily friend. Michael, or “Uncle Kent” was always there for Courtney when her father couldn’t be. She always tells him that she could never be half as good as him.

Frank PerraultBoyfriend. Courtney and Frank met shortly after her father kicked her out, and he’s been pretty much the only steady thing in her life since.

Personality Traits: 

+ Honest, polite, intuitive

- Self-deprecating, unsure, dependent

This character is: TAKEN

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