The year is 2014 and London is still considered one of the grandest cities in the world. It is a conglomerate of different peoples - the rich, the poor, the young, the old, the average, and the exceptional. A young man by the name of William Sanders, an up-and-coming writer and literature buff, moves into a lavish apartment building called the Globe Apartments. Everyone from the distinguished to the eclectic fill the corridors, and Will can’t help but feel like there’s something oddly familiar about the building’s tenants. But what could be drawing Will to these histrionic residents? If all the world is really a stage, could it be that they're much, much more than just players?

Persephone “Seph” Cato ✣ Portia, "The Merchant of Venice" ✣ 23 ✣ Anna Popplewell

Shakespeare’s Work:

In Shakespearean canon, Portia is one of the well loved heroines as she is not only beautiful but also quick-witted and very intelligent. She was bound by her father’s will to never be able to choose her husband, but come Bassanio she outwitted the very will without breaking any rules. Also, she posed as a lawyer to save Antonio and at the same time, gave her husband a run for his money by uncovering where his loyalties lie. Through the course of the play, the audience is given a revelation of what a woman driven by love, yet limited by rules, could do with available resources.

Modern Day:

Persephone is the perfect daughter, most would say and to it she would only laugh softly. She is a part-time fashion designer and a concept artist. She is quite lenient to telling people to call her Seph if they so wish, and at the same time vicious to anyone who dare call her Sephie. She was born out of an office romance. Her father, the owner of the infamous fashion company and her mother, the executive creative designer. She grew up a social butterfly, pulled to one party to another and meeting people here and there. Her childhood was filled with memories of being fitted by marvelous designs of her Ma and sketching designs of her own and showing it to her grinning Pa. Come teenage years, her father grew distant from her as he wanted her to learn the ways of the business and secure her future through an arranged marriage. It was this event that triggered Seph’s obsession with loopholes. With the help of her mother, she broke the engagement without angering both parties and once again free to live her life. These situations recurred until Seph’s father stopped arranging any marriages, much to her relief.

It was only when her father died that her life was once again disrupted. Her father’s will states that she couldn’t inherit the company as well as her part of the money unless she marry, until then the company would be put on her mother’s hands. To make matters worse, Seph can only marry the man who could figure out the puzzle left behind. She barely cared if that part of the will was legal, she vowed to herself that she would outwit her father even from his grave and she would be grinning while relishing such victory. It wasn’t about the inheritance or the company, it was about finally breaking free.

She moved to Globe Apartments by her mother’s request to move out of their home and explore. Another motive of such venture is finding a man who could solve the puzzle and to prove her father’s last stunt in matchmaking wrong.


Nerissa Graciano - Best friend. She’d been with Seph since they were children and they consider each other as sisters. It was only Seph’s move to Globe Apartments that put them apart for too long a time. They communicate still and their bond is as strong as ever.

Demeter Cato - Mother. Caring and bossy, Demeter is a formidable mother with a great deal of sass and wit. She is wise and had an enthusiasm that could match a child’s. She mothers everyone and easily charms everyone with her passion. Seph adores her and loves her so much because she is ever supportive of her dreams and ambitions.

Hayden Cato - Father. Dead and still pestering Seph. He is what the business world would call a genius and a grand game maker. A family man who only wants the best for Seph, just took it a step too far.

Blaise Garrett - Frienemy. He is the first man she was arranged to marry. Breaking the engagement was a tad easier when she confirmed that he is more focused with helping his friend than actually getting married.

Personality traits

+ Kind, Intelligent, Observant, Quick Learner, Obedient, Adaptive
- Manipulative, Unpredictable, Cunning, Easily Bored, Flirtatious, Introvert

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Malcolm Archon ✣ Malcolm, "Macbeth" ✣ 19 ✣ David Henrie

Shakespeare’s Work:

In Macbeth, Malcolm is the crowned prince of Scotland, and he’s known for neither his bravery nor his strength. His father is killed by Macbeth and his wife so they can take the throne, and Malcolm, overwhelmed, flees to England while his brother runs to Ireland. As things in Scotland get worse, Macduff, who ends up as a sort of best friend to Malcolm, fetches him and convinces him, after the prince puts him through a series of tests, to come back and help lead the revolution that will put Malcolm back on his father’s throne. They go through with the revolution, using Malcolm’s high connections in England, and are successful, though the prince absolutely despises all of the blood and death involved in war. He becomes king when Macduff kills Macbeth and uses his final monologue to prove that he has more leadership abilities than he previously displayed. 

Character in Modern Day:

Malcolm is the heir to a very wealthy family, which, until recently, was run by his father, who was assassinated by an unknown shooter. As a witness to his father’s murder, Malcolm panicked and packed up in the middle of the night one night and moved to the Globe Apartments, where he figured he’d stay until his relatives figured out what to do about the money. He keeps to himself, for the most part, and is awkward around women, and he’s usually pretty open about his feelings, though he tries not to be. He misses his brother and his best friend (who he had a bit of a crush on through high school), but he wants to stay away from all of the conflict at his home. He doesn’t need to work, but he does so anyway, as he finds the library peaceful and has nothing else to do. He has major anxiety, which makes him prone to fainting in extremely tense situations, but he is a great leader, once he’s comfortable with a situation and the group he’s with. He plans on going to a college nearby and getting a degree in medicine.


Matthew Macduff - best friend. Matthew is his best friend and has been since they started high school, though he graduated a few years before Malcolm, who is a bit in love with him.

Donald Archon - brother. Donald is in college in Ireland, and Malcolm worries about him all the time. He is absolutely terrified of Jonathan and Victoria Macbeth, for some reason that he doesn’t quite understand.

Personality traits:

+ Honest, Gentle, Good Leader

- Naive, Anxious, Shy

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